Meg Romero

Artist. Designer. Builder.

Celebrating Home!

Home isn’t just a place where you live. It’s a calming respite from the crazy world…it’s where you rest and rejuvenate. Most importantly, it’s where family and friends gather to celebrate!

I believe the furnishings you surround yourself with reflect who you are and what you believe.

I also believe in comfort, being organized, and most importantly, I believe in not taking your decorating too seriously! Personally, I love classic furniture, and I believe in the power of color: My pulse quickens when I see the beautiful line of a Chippendale chair, and it thrills me to see unlikely colors juxtaposed across a yard of fabric. Over my life, I have collected myriad furnishings that make me so very happy to come through the door, and that is my wish for you, too. Your home is your personal art installation.

Surround yourself with things that you love, and nowhere else in the whole world will there be a place exactly like yours!

My heart soars when I walk into my light-filled studio,

filled one end to the other with all manner of tools, supplies, and ample space to create.
Although my ever-evolving work takes many forms, there are common themes that make the pieces distinctively “Meg Romero”.

Rich gradients of color, unusual fabrics, repetition, and geometric shapes.

Words, graphics and found objects are incorporated into my artful hand-built furniture, my over-the-top decorated vintage chairs, exotic miniature rooms, special-occasion tools and everyday textiles.

I am honored to have made a career of creating artwork

that people purchase and use to Celebrate a special occasion, or to enjoy as an every-day part of their lives.

Thank You!

The Different Ways That I Work


Like the proverbial “Box of Chocolates”, you just never know what you’ll find in my studio! Any given day, there are projects in the wood shop, the workbench, and the drawing board. Colors! Fabrics! Wood! Those “preposterous elements”!

It’s Wonder and Excitement, from one end to the other…

My husband’s photography studio is next to mine, so that makes us a one-stop, artful experience! His studio, Vibrant Image, is full of the same wonder and excitement, but he keeps it very organized and very neat.

Plan a visit to the studio!

I work in varying degrees of artistic foment.

A Saturday at the flea market, searching for “preposterous elements” (antique finials, old glove forms, wooden shoes), followed by a week of woodworking, a week of finishing, two weeks of building miniature details and furnishings.. a week of writing and PR.

My husband knows what stage I’m in by listening to the soundtrack…

…silence for arithmetic and problem-solving, gentle music for designing, building and writing. For afternoons that include tasks like “fabricate 300 miniature books”, I’ll pop in an audio book ( biography, historical fiction) or a favorite movie (one with a happy ending or at least some great furniture!).


I sincerely appreciate your interest in my work!
In addition to designing, building and finishing, I am an excellent packer and shipper, and I would be honored to have your business! If you would like to include my work in your collection please contact me.

Looking for something a bit more personalized?

I am honored to use your treasured love letters, hardware and special, well-used tools to create a piece that is extra special for you! I can even upholster a chair with your favorite neckties.

If you’re curious about the process, just contact me, and we’ll see what kind of hijinks we can get into… (this is always FUN!)


My small, creative company is recognized in the industry for excellent design and high quality craftsmanship. If you like to be in-the-know
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    Plan a visit to the studio!

    The historic town of Cumberland, Maryland is located in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains. We’re just two hours from Washington DC, Baltimore and Pittsburgh.

    Meg Romero Studio
    55 Baltimore Street, Studio #3, Cumberland, MD 21502 USA
    (240) 478-5989 /

    Do you ever drive through those old historic towns, and wonder…What would it be like to actually LIVE in one of those glorious old buildings?

    I can tell you…. It’s FABULOUS!

    It’s great fun living and working Right. Smack. In. The. Middle. of a “beautiful and historic downtown”.

    My photographer/videographer husband Dave and I are 20 years into a 30-year renovation on a gorgeous turn-of-the-century four-story brick building. We are loving (almost) every minute of it!