Project Description

Home Accessories and Gifts.

I am indeed, the luckiest woman on the planet!

Constantly absorbing the world around me, my mind races from one idea to the next: Furniture! Stationary! Lamps! Toys! A vintage roller skate, a snippet of overheard conversation…the setting sun reflecting off the river.

Little finds and every-day occurrences spark my imagination!

In addition to re-invigorating finely-made and graceful found objects, these small pieces afford me the opportunity to try new techniques, explore new color combinations, and experiment with new materials.

Some pieces are more functional than others, (a wood box that holds…one pencil? Really?) they all hold dear my vision of levity and good clean fun.

They all fit the bill of “Living an Artful Life”.

Although I do keep an inventory of certain pieces, these smaller items are typically one-of-a-kind, limited edition, or parts of a small series.

Prices start in the neighborhood of $20.00.

Please contact me for photos of current inventory or  to receive info about new items!